Cobot feasibility study in 3 steps.

WiredWorkers offers a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility and efficiency of a cobot. By conducting a feasibility study of the production processes or assembly lines, it can be determined whether a cobot is a suitable solution and whether a cobot implementation is possible. The cobot will eventually be implemented in the most efficient way. The feasibility study takes 3 months and includes the rental of a cobot. The analysis is optionally performed with students.

cobot implementeren

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Step 1: Quickscan

WiredWorkers scans the organization for potential solutions and possibilities to enable the implementation of a cobot. An analysis of the processes should provide insight into bottlenecks within the organization that need to be standardized or automated.

Step 2: Proof of concept

During the proof of concept, a cobot is actually integrated into a process. A representative demonstration of how the cobot can function and how it can be integrated.

Step 3: Training

For a trusted collaboration with a cobot, WiredWorkers offers a training course. During this course employees and employers are trained to work with a cobot and it becomes clear how easy it is to learn a cobot.

cobot haalbaarheidsonderzoek

We are currently developing our own hardware and software. This makes it possible to use cobots as temporary employees.

We can help you with a suitable solution for the entire cobot automation process.

Working with robots requires new skills. We can train you and your staff to work with cobots.