Why Bin Picking?

Bin Picking: a new development in the field of robotics. A robot arm is set up in such a way that it picks unsorted objects from a bin. A boring and monotonous task for your employees, but not for a cobot.

Using a collaborative robot to perform pick and place tasks can offer a solution.

Bin Picking

Bin Picking and 3D vision camera

In addition to the regular pick and place tasks, the cobot can be used to pick unsorted objects from a bin and place them where necessary. Your employees are given the opportunity to take on challenging tasks and can thus develop themselves on a personal level.

Cobots easily pick up products or objects that are in a specific location, but also picking up loose objects in a bin ( bin picking) is no longer a problem when a robot is equipped with good sensors.

WiredWorkers offers various vision systems with which the cobot can recognise objects, see colours or even read barcodes. An example of this is Pick-It's 3D camera, in three versions for various sizes.

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