Why packing with cobots?

Packing all the elements of your final product in the box that the customer receives presents us with a number of technical challenges. Thanks to the sensitivity of Panda and the Apps in this bundle, you can easily set up a reliable automated process to precisely place the components in their respective box compartments and successfully close the box. Easy automation of the task using these Apps, including the ability to control the extraction and carefully pick the components with a special end effector.

Packing with the Franka Emika Panda

The Franka Emika Panda is extremely suitable for automating packaging activities. Different grippers, such as vacuum grippers or normal grippers, can be mounted on the robot arm so that the robot can pick up all kinds of objects in different shapes and sizes.

By inserting the parameters into the app itself, a suitable robot set-up can be set up for every situation. After programming, the cobot picks this up completely autonomously and no more personnel is needed. Programming can be done in no time and is extremely simple. Do the operation once at the Panda, and then he does it himself. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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Packing App Package

This App is specially designed to ensure accuracy during the picking phase of the automated Packing process. Set the desired position and enter the mass of the object being picked. The robot will automatically perform upright approach and retract movements during the task.

Thanks to this App, the components of the box are reliably placed in the appropriate compartments. This app guarantees the success of the task by means of upright movements during the approach and retraction of the objects, thus preventing collisions and misplacements.

Designed to maximise Panda's sensitivity, this app allows you to subtly and reliably place components in the box's special compartments.

Within Repeat, this App allows you to easily, delicately and reliably select components from a stack one after the other. Simply set the number of components in the stack and set the position of the top component..

Automate the packing process using this App to check the extraction and choose the components to be packed in the box. If your components are on a tilted surface, this app is ideal for teaching Panda how to successfully approach and pack them.

Use this app when the target plate positions are on a tilted surface. Learn Panda easily and quickly the position of the compartments and the Panda is ready to perform the job.

Fully automate your process by programming this App to push the items forward so that the next item in line is ready to be picked up and placed in the box. Simply teach the robot where to start and end the pushing motion, and the final position of the target is reached sensitively while performing the task.

These Apps allow you to use all the necessary tools to fully automate any type of task. Designed to overcome frustrating programming barriers, both experts and beginners will be able to master these apps, and even the most extensive tasks will be completed in no time.