Why screwing with a cobot?

Cobots are used to take over boring, monotonous or dangerous work from workers. One of these monotonous activities is fastening screws. Screwing a production or requires precision, consistency and an arm that doesn't get tired. The Franka Emika Panda is the perfect cobot for this task.
schroeven met een cobot

Screw with Franka Emika Panda

The Franka Emika Panda can perform operations with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Moreover, a cobot will never deviate from its actions and will always perform its tasks with the same force. For example, tightening screws, this will always be done with the same tension and pressure, which ensures consistency in quality.

A cobot will not get tired after hours of work and performs the work faster than a human being. By using a cobot you increase the quality of your products and risks are minimized.

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