Why touchscreen device testing with cobots?

Perform a reliable end-of-line quality control procedure to test any type of touch screen with our sensitive robot Panda. Use the Apps from this bundle to gently handle the touch screens - without leaving any traces or damage - and ultimately deliver a flawless product to the consumer. Tailor-made for this specific application, these Apps allow automated test procedures to be set up and adapted to different touch screen displays in no time.
touchscreen device testing franka emika panda

Touchscreen device testing with Franka Emika Panda

The Franka Emika Panda is perfect for automating test work for touchscreen devices. By mounting a special pen to the robot arm, all kinds of touch screens can be tested in different shapes and sizes.

By inserting the parameters into the app itself, a suitable robot setup can be set up for every situation. After programming, the cobot takes this up completely autonomously and no personnel are needed. Programming can be done in no time and is extremely simple. Do the operation once at the Panda, and then he does it himself. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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Touchscreen device testing App Package

Use this app to enter some taps on the touchscreen displays being tested. The user interface is intuitive and designed to guide the user through the configuration process in seconds.

The sweeping movement is an essential part of the test procedure of touchscreen displays. With this app, Panda easily learns the start and end points of the desired movement and the robot sweeps between these two points during execution.

Test touchscreen keyboards or any application that requires multiple inputs using Type. With this app you can easily and quickly learn Panda your desired type positions on the touch screen and the robot will type smoothly and sensitively during the task.

Start the touchscreen test procedure by grasping the stylus. This app is specially designed to minimize teaching time and achieve a successful grip with all types of stylus.

Elegantly end the test procedure by putting the stylus back in place and moving on to other tasks. With this app, you can learn the release movement in no time.

These Apps allow you to use all the necessary tools to fully automate any type of task. Designed to overcome frustrating programming barriers, both experts and beginners will be able to master these apps, and even the most extensive tasks will be completed in no time.