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What can a collaborative robot do? Discover it with a cobot demo from WiredWorkers!

WiredWorkers is involved in Collaborative Applications. We offer state-of-the-art lightweight cobots that work together with employees. Thanks to our software and hardware, those cobots are very flexible and can perform various tasks. Think of packing work, test work or screw work. Would you like some more information? Feel free to contact us for a cobot demo.

cobot demo

Cobot demo of the Panda.

The cobot we use is the Panda, which is developed by Franka Emika GMBH from Munich. The design of the Panda is based on a human arm. It has 7 joints with which it can perform different movements and can move around flexibly. The cobot has a range of 850 millimeters. In addition, it is equipped with a very sensitive gripper and a carrying capacity of 3 kilograms. The Pilot is sitting on the cobot itself. This is a user interface with which the cobot is easy to program. Curious about the Panda and what it can do? Sign up for a cobot demo!

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Quick installation, easy to program.

WiredWorkers offers a total package to make working with robots as safe and easy as possible. Before the Panda is installed, our employees analyze the company to see how a cobot can be used. The software developed by us makes it possible for the robots to be used in almost every situation. In the end, this improves the performance and processes within the company. Furthermore, WiredWorkers is involved in the development of software and applications to ease the programming of cobots. We also offer training courses for employees and managers so that they can work safely with our robots. Want to experience the benefits of a cobot yourself? Sign up for a cobot demo.

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Have you become curious about the possibilities of our collaborative applications? Do you want to witness what a working cobot can do? Sign up for a cobot demo or fill out the form below.  You can also contact us by phone on 0314 700590, or by sending an email to [email protected].

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