range extenders

Collaborative robots can perform numerous applications, as long as they have the right tooling. Cobots can work with a variety of tools, just as humans can. A Range Extender is used to provide a cobot with an additional axis for extra range.

Range extenders for collaborative robots

With a range extender, the robot is provided with an additional axis. This gives the robot more range and creates more automation possibilities. Normally, robots only work around their own axis from where the foot is attached. By placing them on a range extender, they can move horizontally and vertically, expanding the field of operation. Not only does this create more automation opportunities, but it also increases productivity. In the case of a palletizing application, for example, cobots can stack higher and more boxes.

Ragne extenders for cobots | Ewellix | LiftKit | SlideKit

Easy to integrate

Collaborative robots are characterized by ease of use and quick installation. They can be connected to the Range Extenders quickly and easily. Thanks to user-friendly software, communication with the robot is also easy to set up.


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