Cobot training courses

WiredWorkers offers various training courses and seminars on cobot and their role in the manufacturing industry for both you as an entrepreneur and your employees who come into contact with the cobot.

cobot training

Employees and cobots

Employees working for a company in which a cobot will be implemented are often excluded from the entire process. Despite the fact that it is very important that production employees are involved in the implementation of the cobot.

The cobot must be accepted by the employees. If the employees do not see any added value in the cobot, the added value of new technology will not be experienced and will not be used within your company.

Read more about this collaboration in our blog human-cobot collaboration.

Positive influence

Following a training course has a positive influence on both parties, the cooperation between human and cobot will be more successful after attending a training course or seminar.

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About collaborative robots and their role in the manufacturing industry

Cobot seminar

The topics that will be discussed during the seminar are:

  • State of the art Collaborative Robots
  • Robots v.s. Collaborative Robots
  • Applications Collaborative Robots
  • How to program a Collaborative Robot?

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The costs for attending a seminar are 250 euro per participant, do you/your company belong to the target group that WiredWorkers focuses on? Then attending a seminar is completely free of charge.

On this page you will find various dates on which a seminar will take place and you can register directly.

Cobot training courses

WiredWorkers offers various training courses for the Franka Emika Panda as well as the Techman Robot and Universal Robots.

Training course Universal Robots 

Training course Techman Robot