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WiredWorkers is a young company, specialized in streamlining and automating production processes in SMEs. By means of cobotics, various activities can be simplified and productivity increases. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are designed to stand in a shared workspace with employees. In this way, cobots can facilitate the work of employees by helping them, or take over complete tasks.

What is cobotics?

Cobotics is a new application in industrial automation. These robots are equipped with sensors that give you the feeling you need. This means that they can do very delicate work and work together with people. As soon as they feel that their work is hindered, they will stop immediately. That is why it is safe for employees to work around a cobot. Other advantages of cobotics are that it is a compact, mobile solution. These robots can operate in different places in a company and new tasks are learned in no time at all. The installation and programming process is very user friendly and simple.

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All the advantages of cobots at a glance!

  • Cobots are small and can therefore be used anywhere in a production process.
  • They are lightweight and easy to move.
  • Built-in safety measures such as a safety stop and sensors.
  • Cobots can be stopped by people with one arm.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to program with software and apps.
  • Able to perform different tasks.
  • Can continue day and night.
  • Consistent in quality.

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Collaborative robotics company WiredWorkers - Services

Rent a cobot

Because the cobot has a short installation time, it is the perfect robot to implement in a production process for a short period of time. WiredWorkers offers the possibility to hire a cobot as a temporary worker. This allows cobots to be used during busy periods and peak times to support the employees and make the work easier.

Cobot Integration

WiredWorkers carries out a complete analysis of the production process to identify bottlenecks in the production process. As soon as these bottlenecks are identified, the most efficient solution will be found before implementation. With this WiredWorkers offers the complete integration of cobotics.

Feasibility study

A feasibility study shows whether it is profitable to implement a cobot. If this is the case, the cobot will eventually be implemented in the most efficient way. The feasibility study takes 3 months and includes the rental of a cobot. The analysis is optionally carried out with students.

Cobot training

WiredWorkers offers a cobot training to allow employees to work with the cobot in a safe way. This gives an impression of the sensitivity of the robot and the safety of the system.

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WiredWorkers' cobots

WiredWorkers offers a wide range of different types of cobots. In total we work with 7 different cobots from three different brands. These brands are Universal Robots, Techman Robot and Franka Emika.

Universal Robots

The Universal Robots are characterized by their flexibility and robustness. These cobots are perfect for companies where several heavier tasks have to be carried out. The simple programming, flexibility and power of the cobot make it possible to perform different tasks at different places in the production process.

Franka Emika

The Panda is Franka Emika's cobot. The uniqueness of this cobot is the high degree of sensitivity. This makes the cobot suitable for performing delicate tasks with delicate products. The Panda is designed to work like a human hand, with the same sensitivity and ability to feel where and how products should be placed.

Techman Robot

The Techman Robots have integrated a vision system into both the hardware and the software. This means that the robot is not only sensitive, but also has visibility. For example, it could grab objects from a large container by seeing where they are, but it is also possible to sort objects by colour or shape.

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