Collaborative robots enter the food industry

Automation is well known within various industries. The food supply chain took a long time, now that they too are aware of the many advantages that cobots can offer them, cobots have become an established value within the food industry.

Manufacturers within this industry are facing more and more challenges, consumer behavior is constantly changing and various trends continue to emerge. In order to be able to flexibly deal with a very fast changing market and perhaps because of this a larger product range they are looking for new solutions. This is where automation comes into play.

Still, a very important question remains before entrepreneurs and companies within this industry can start automating processes: can cobots handle the cleaning procedures that are very strict within the food industry?

The answer to the above question is yes. Collaborative robots, like all food processing equipment, comply with sector-specific guidelines and regulations. Within robotic production, manufacturers are engaged in the continuous development of hygienic, easy to clean designs, which are also compatible with the required cleaning solutions. This ensures safe contact between food and the cobots.

The range of accessories within robotics, such as a gripper to pack the vegetables, is very broad. For example, there are sensitive grippers on the market with the appearance of a hand. Picking up and packing food is therefore very precise, so the cobots will not damage the products. After the cobots have performed the given task, they can immediately perform a quality analysis.

The predictions with these developments are that the value of the global food processing industry will soon increase.

After reading this article, are you curious about what a cobot can do within your company? Feel free to contact us and we will look into the possibilities together with you.

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