Cobots in the one-and-a-half meter society

The Coronavirus introduces us to new, previously unknown terms. One of these terms is the one-and-a-half-metre society, in which at any moment, in any situation, each individual has to distance himself from another person by 1.5 metres.

Many employees and companies find out while picking up their daily work that it is very difficult to carry out your work as before and to adhere to this rule.

We hope, like you, that the virus will disappear soon and that one and a half meters of society will be short-lived. Yet it is not wrong to think about the future of yourself, your employees and your company because of this unusual situation.

We sketch below a fictitious situation, which your company may have to deal with.

Impact COVID19 within a company

One of your production workers gets infected with the Corona virus. You have probably been informed several times via newspaper, radio or television that there have been several companies in the Netherlands where only one employee tested positive for Corona. These employees work on a production floor, working together with 10 or even 100 other employees. Once you have been informed of this, the other employees who (may) have had contact with this person must leave the premises. This situation causes your production to come to a standstill for a few hours or even days.

How do I prevent my production from going out of business?

Cobots are a suitable solution in various situations. In the situation outlined by us, the cobot can perform a task, without any guidance. The production process does not come to a standstill and you can even carry out the same production with less capacity or speed up your production process.

Prepare your company for the future

Prepare yourself, your company and your employees for the future. Would you like more information about automating processes with collaborative robots? Then download our free cobot demo.

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