Collaborative robots, or cobots for short, are robots designed to physically work with humans. These robots are great for supporting workers and optimizing processes. WiredWorkers helps with the complete implementation of a collaborative robot and offers various services to deploy a cobot as efficiently as possible. Curious about our robots and the services we offer? Please contact us.

Support employees with collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, or cobots, are robotic arms that offer new opportunities in the field of automation thanks to a number of unique features. The most unique feature is that cobots can collaborate with humans. Cobots are equipped with numerous sensors that give the robot some sort of feel. Unlike the old industrial robots, a cobot will stop as soon as it is interrupted in its work area. This allows humans and cobots to perform their tasks together in a shared workspace.

Another big advantage of cobots is the way they are programmed. Old industrial robots required a lot of programming knowledge. Therefore, companies often had to bring in external knowledge. A cobot is designed so that anyone can program it. Thanks to intuitive, user-friendly software that can be operated with an app on smartphones, tablets and laptops, anyone can teach cobots new tasks. In addition, cobots are light, compact and mobile. This in combination with the user-friendly software ensures that cobots can easily be switched to another task, somewhere else in production.

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Installation, programming and maintenance of collaborative robots.

Step by step WiredWorkers helps with the implementation of a collaborative robot. First of all, an extensive analysis should provide clarity about the processes in the company and how they can be optimized. If this is clear, then the installation and programming of the cobot can be started. The cobot is easy to install on different surfaces and easy to program with software programs. The cobot remembers and saves the movements that occur and can repeat them indefinitely. Besides implementing the robot itself, WiredWorkers also supports the staff. By means of training, employees and employers can become familiar with their cobot-colleagues. Check the website for an overview of all our different services such as hiring robots as temporary employees and developing software and apps to use the cobot as flexibly as possible.

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Contact WiredWorkers, specialist in collaborative robots.

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