Franka Emika compatible with Piab piCOBOT pump!

We are excited to share the news that the Piab piCOBOT pump succesfully connected to the robot via Modbus.

This end-effector creates vacuum from an external compressed air supply, and thanks to a high flow rate it is perfectly suited for picking objects with a porous surface or even ones containing holes. To drive the end-effector we use the app Modbus Pick, with following signal configuration: vacuum on/off (output, NPN) and part present (input, PNP).

The pICOBOT pump is parametrized directly via its display and buttons.

This case is a great example of connecting off-the-shelf hardware to the robot system, using the Modbus interface and corresponding apps!

Franka Emika with Piab piCOBOT-pump

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