Franka Emika Panda available in Fokus Practice Lab Eindhoven

Franka Emika Panda available in Fokus Practice-Lab Eindhoven

Monday 23 April the interregional project Factory of the Future – Fokus practice lab between Belgium and the Netherlands was officially launched. A project with the aim to strengthen the Field and knowledge labs in the Netherlands and Flanders in the field of production technology. Robotisation is one of the pillars that play an important role in this project, as well as cobots.

In the meantime we have already made some progress and there have been several developments. For example, WiredWorkers’ Panda has been added to the Flexible Manufacturing practice lab (at the Brainport Industry Campus) in Eindhoven. Together with knowledge partners, companies can develop, test and implement applications to make the step to ‘Factory of the Future’ easier. Especially for SME companies this is a great way. Innovations have not yet sufficiently found their way to small and medium-sized businesses.

Door gebruik te maken van kennis uit zowel Nederland als Vlaanderen verwachten de initiatiefnemers de transitie naar een toekomstbestendige industrie te kunnen versnellen, met name bij het MKB. De partners aan Nederlandse zijde zijn FME, TNO, Brainport Industries en High Tech NL. Vanuit de Vlaamse kant zijn Agoria, Sirris, Flandersmake, OMC en de KU Leuven betrokken.

WiredWorkers' Panda added to the FOKUS practice lab Flexible Manufacturing

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