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In a free online consultation with our cobot specialist, you will find out if cobots can be integrated into your business and what benefits this will provide.


"Together we look at how collaborative robots can be used most efficiently in your business"

Robbin Mennings, cobot specialist

Robbin Mennings, Owner WiredWorkers

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Learn more about collaborative robots and what they can do for your business!

  • Process analysis

    Complete analysis of the bottlenecks in the
    (production) process!

  • Product advise

    Advice on which cobot and its grippers are best suited to your situation!

  • Project examples

    Examples of projects and discussion of various suitable concepts!

What can you

Cobot Consultation Call

During the free consultation valued at 750 euros, Robbin Mennings, owner and cobot specialist of WiredWorkers, will answer your questions about cobots and advise you on how to make the most efficient use of collaborative robots within your company. Robbin has been working with cobots for 5 years. Before he found his love for automation, he worked as a Mechanical Engineer within several large companies in the Netherlands. After 5 years, WiredWorkers started supplying cobots both nationally and internationally and is a partner of several major brands: Franka Emika, Techman Robot, Universal robots, Pickit, Robotiq, MiR and more.

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