Free cobot demo

How to work with Cobots

Try our free online cobot demo. You’ll receive 3 free video lessons, during these lessons you’ll find out how to benefit from Cobots within your organisation.

1. Introduction:

Short introduction to Cobots. What is it exactly, what about safety and how to work together with cobots.

2. Quick start:

In this video I’ll show you how to install a cobot. Believe me it’s a piece of cake. Once the cobot is installed it can do the work for you.

3. Applications of the Cobot:

Are you curious about what Cobot can do for you? In this video you’ll see the cobot in action. Packing, screwing and testing. Let the cobot do the work.

Franka Emika Panda

Are your employees already familiar with Cobots?

Find out what cobots can do for your organisation

  • 1. Increase quality

    Let cobots support your team.

  • 2. Decrease costs

    A cobot never stops.

  • 3. Increase productivitiy en decrease workload

    Create a great place to work.

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Let me introduce you to Cobots. Our free online cobot demo consists of 3 free video lessons and you’ll find out more about Cobots and how to benefit from them.

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