dddrop and WiredWorkers

One of our partners is dddrop, a company that specializes in 3D printers. Within WiredWorkers and the robotics industry, the correct supply and delivery of products is very important. The 3D printer of dddrop makes it possible to develop tools and grippers, so we can use them easily and quickly. The use of 3D printers makes us even more flexible.

A look behind the scenes at dddrop

A look behind the scenes at dddrop: in 2013 the first prototype of dddrop was a fact. By breaking the barrier between idea and reality, smaller companies with a limited budget were able to own their own professional 3D printers. As a result, they no longer had to outsource the 3D printing process to specialized companies.


After years of collecting information, experimenting and talking to the people who have to use the printers, they are convinced that they have created a beautiful new machine. The dddrop RAPID ONE.

The RAPID ONE is a unique, very user-friendly and flexible 3D printer, developed with the future in mind. The first experiences from the market show a clear statement: the new dddrop RAPID ONE is a pure improvement in all areas.


While dddrop used to follow a specific design line when developing their products, at RAPID ONE they opted for a brand new design. The appearance that has a robust appearance is not the only difference.

Dddrop doesn't shy away from any challenge. This turns out to be the new innovation of the RAPID ONE, namely a fully 3D metal printed cooling system. With this system the chance of an extruder head that is too hot is a thing of the past. In addition, various optimizations have been made and the time from idea to final 3D printed model has never been so short.


Features RAPID ONE


The design makes it possible to adapt the printer to your wishes and needs. The construction volume can be adapted to almost any size 3D printer.

Conditioned room with HEPA filter

In order to be able to reliably print all plastics in 3D, the RAPID ONE has a conditioned print room. This means that a stable temperature is created in the room where 3D printing is done. When the temperature threatens to become too high, the ventilation system ensures that the room is cooled back to the set value.

Advanced bed leveling

The RAPID ONE has both a mechanical and a software bed leveling. Using both principles, the machine has full control and you are guaranteed a perfect first 3D print layer.

The RAPID ONE contributes to the future developments of WiredWorkers in the field of tooling and applications.

Would you like more information about RAPID ONE or would you like to know more about 3D printing? Take a look at the website of dddrop!