Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots (Mir) from Denmark introduced a new generation of Autonomous Mobile Robots. Meanwhile, MiR is market leader in the field of flexible autonomous internal transport. MiR’s robots have been used in factories, laboratories, hospitals and distribution centers for some time now.

These mobile robots allow employees to focus on important tasks, while the robots shorten lead times, transport materials and goods, and reduce the risk of bottlenecks. This extra flexibility in production can save your company time and money during the manufacturing process.

MiR Range

The MiR range now consists of 5 different robots, the MiR100, MiR200, MiR250, MiR500 and MiR1000. The MiR100 has a payload of 100kG and the MiR1000 has the heaviest payload.

The robots can be equipped with various modules including conveyors, elevators and collaborative robots.

‘Old’ AGV’s VS. MiR

What makes these robots so special compared to the ‘old’ AGV’s you may wonder, the MiR robots are very user friendly and feature an intuitive mapping technology. You don’t have to make any adjustments to your existing infrastructure and the robots are very easy to control via a PLC, ERP, tablet or even smartphone.

The MiR robots are safe, cost efficient and can find their own way on your work floor. By means of built-in sensors the robot scans its environment. It can deal with changes and unexpected situations such as your employees changing position, but also recognize holes, walls, glass doors or windows and stairs. In addition to the above, the robots are able to make a 360 degree scan, allowing them to safely drive backwards.

Do you want more information about the MiR robots or do you want to know what they can do for your company? Feel free to contact us.

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