OnRobot launches an affordable 2FG7 Parallel Gripper for demanding payloads.

OnRobot launches the 2FG7, a complete, affordable, easy to program and use, out-out-of-the box, cleanroom-ready Parallel Gripper. The latest tool in OnRobot’s range is designed to move in the smallest of work environments and enable companies of all sizes to set up gripping applications at low cost.

With a payload of 11 kg, a gripping range of up to 73 mm and a gripping force of 20-140 N, the 2FG7 Parallel Gripper can handle heavy, versatile loads. Smaller than OnRobot’s RG2 and RG6 grippers, yet more powerful than both, the size of the 2FG7 makes it the perfect gripper for use in low-volume, high-mix production environments, which is a very important bonus point on shop floors, where space is limited in combination with tight working environments.

OnRobot stands for ease of use and this is reflected in the 2FG7 Parallel gripper, within minutes the gripper can be deployed and can be seamlessly integrated with the major collaborative robot brands. Users of the 2FG7 can easily program settings for power, speed and stroke control through an intuitive software interface. This makes OnRobot’s 2FG7 Parallel gripper ideal for companies dealing with high and low volume production, as it allows them to quickly and easily adjust settings depending on the parts being processed.

The 2FG7 is a production-ready gripper that can withstand tough production conditions and applications. The 2FG7 is not only IP67 certified, but has also been awarded clean room certification (ISO class 5), which is required for many applications in the pharmaceutical and electronics industry. It also complies with ISO/TS 15066 with regard to the risk assessments of the joint robotic cells.

CEO Enrico Krog Iversen shares the creation of this new tool: “Our customers asked for a parallel gripper that can handle loads of more than 6 kg without sacrificing the ease of use they are used to from OnRobot products. By combining power, functionality and simple programming in a small form factor, the 2FG7 is that powerful, production-ready gripper”.

“The cost of robot hardware components has fallen in recent years, but this has not translated into an advantage for smaller manufacturing companies because the vast majority of industrial robot peripherals remain prohibitively complex and time consuming,” explains CEO Iversen. “OnRobot is changing all that.

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