OPC UA integrates Panda in an industrial environment

Franka Emika’s OPC UA service makes it easy to integrate Panda in an industrial environment, minimizing the effort that integration with external devices from other vendors requires.

Users have the choice to use the service as a DESK API to stop tasks, operate the brakes and request the robot status or to exchange information on the App-Level. The latter option offers the possibility to include robot poses as well as key value pairs which contain user defined information.

A possible example of how an OPC UA app could look like is shown by the OPC UA Input Group. Apps which are placed inside this group will receive pose information from the OPC UA service, eliminating the need to teach the robot manually. The app will then automatically offer a text input where the End-User can insert the key of the corresponding robot pose. The information can be provided by a vision client, PLC, or via other input sources. You can use FE default applications or go one step beyond, expanding the functional range of Panda as an App developer.

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