Meet the Franka Emika

Franka Emika Panda

The Franka Emika Panda is agile as a human arm with a human touch sense, a completely smart interactive solution, easy to set up and intuitive to use.


Payload »

3 KG

Radius »

855 MM

Weight »

18 KG

Joints »


The robot for everyone

The cobot is designed to act like a human arm with his high sensitivity in all the seven joints.

WiredWorkers is partner of Franka Emika GMBH from Munich, the developer of the Panda.

Product Specifiation:

  • ARM: The arm is inspired by the agility of the human arm. Is has a 3kg payload and a reach of 850mm.
  • Control: The slim 19” control unit can be place in server racks or anywhere else.
  • Pilot: The Pilot is the direct user interface which is on the robot itself. With this you can easily program your robot.
  • Hand: Is a very sensitive gripper. With a continue grasping force of 70N and a stroke of 80mm it can almost grasp everything you want.

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Panda Skills

Unique characteristics of the collaborative lightweight robot system designed specifically to assist humans.

Download the STEP file of the Franka Emika Panda