Asyril SA, founded in 2007. They are experts in providing flexible feeding systems. Asyril is committed to providing the world's most advanced parts infeed components, integrated infeed modules and powerful infeed, sorting and palletising systems.

Asyril feeding systems
Asyril Asycube 240 Flexibel Feeding

Assortment Asyril

The Asyril Asycube Series is compatible with all types of parts and can handle complex geometries and very delicate parts perfectly. Asyril's technology can ensure that your company develops a competitive advantage and that you can also achieve a return on your investment.

Asyril's range consists of feeding systems suitable for collaborative robots. A small selection from this range is for example the Asyril Asycube 240, this variant ensures an optimal supply of parts to the cobot. The flex feeder ensures that the parts are always in the right position for a robot to pick.

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