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The Danish company Spin Robotics was founded in 2019 by two dedicated and ambitious entrepreneurs. Together, the two founders have more than 15 years of experience in the robot industry. Spin Robotics' head office is located in Odense, the cobot capital of Denmark.

Spin Robotics was founded with the aim of developing, selling and distributing innovative plug'n'produce screwdrivers for collaborative robots.

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Mission and vision

Spin robotics wants to provide the global industry with plug'n'produce screwdriver tools for collaborative robots. With this, they want to eliminate all manual and repetitive tasks in industrial production. This is because too many workers around the world suffer from back, shoulder, arm and wrist injuries from manual screwdriving. Spin Robotics predicts a future where this process is fully automated by a cobot. In doing so, the cobot will work safely with humans in the most efficient work environment possible resulting in higher productivity.

Spin Robotics wants to enable smaller and medium-sized companies to cost-effectively automate high-mix low-volume production tasks. With the end-of-tool screwdrivers, they offer a true plug'n'produce robotic tool. Easy to assemble and program into a production line. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensing and active robot control make this an intelligent solution that is also used in complicated applications and processes.

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