Pick-it was founded in 2016 as a product spinout of Intermodalics, an organisation that develops software for robots and has developed and tested the Pick-it product for 3 years before bringing it to the market.

Pick-It was founded by three men Peter Soetens, Ruben Smits and Bert Willaert saw the potential to simplify process automation for a large number of production companies with one product, the Pick-It 3D camera.

Pickit Robot Vision
Bin Picking

Assortiment Pick-it

The assortment of Pick-It consists of different variants of 3D cameras for collaborative robots. Components of different shapes, sizes and materials end up in processes on a daily basis. The robot picks up these parts or puts them down. Adding a 3D camera and associated software to the robots makes this automation step easy for you.

During its first year of operation, Pick-It gave eyes to more than 100 robots and has since won a number of prestigious competitions such as the Trends Pitcher's day and Deloitte Rising Star.

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