AIM Robotics FD310 Dispensing Unit

The Aim Robotics FD310 Fluid Dispenser is an advanced compressed air powered dispensing solution designed for collaborative applications. Compatible with traditional 310ml cartridges, the FD310 provides an excellent meeting point between established practice and cutting edge collaborative technology. The FD310 is compatible with all Universal Robots cobots and offers a user-friendly URCap and intuitive software interface.


The Aim Robotics FD310 Fluid Dispenser is the latest addition to the FD product line. Designed to handle a large variety of fluid types, from silicones to adhesives and acrylics, the FD310 brings advanced fluid dispensing to collaborative robotics. The FD310 features the same native compatability with Universal Robots cobots that is found with the other FD models. That include Aim Robotics’ intuitive software interface and URCap.

Unlike other Aim Robotics FD models, however, the FD310 is powered by compressed air. This allows the dispenser to achieve high repeatability for sensitive applications. It has a demonstrated repeatability of +-1% with Dowsil 7091.

Among the FD310’s many advantages, one of the major ones is that it is compatible with the classic 310 ml fluid cartridges. This compatability makes it easy to integrate the dispenser into existing processes. There is no need to change the product, format, or supplier used when introducing the FD310 into your production.

Exchangeable Auger Screws

3 different auger screw sizes make FD Series dispensers the perfect fit for most dispensing applications:

  • 5mm pitch – used when either additional inherent flow resistance is required and/or a finer deposit rate control is required. Lowest flow rate.
  • 7.5mm pitch – appropriate for most applications. Inherent resistance and material flow are moderate.
  • 10mm pitch – used when high flow rates and low resistance to flow are required.