OnRobot Gecko Single Pad Gripper SP1

The Gecko Single Pad Gripper from OnRobot is equipped with a gripper technology that leaves no marks for shiny surfaces. The Gecko Single Pad Gripper is compact, lightweight and requires no cables, electricity, air, or programming for cost-effective, plug-and-play performance.

Maximum payload: 1 KG



The Gecko SP is available in three sizes; SP1, SP3 and SP5 named after the load capacity of the grab in kilograms, with the possibility to lift a wide range of flat, smooth, shiny or perforated surfaces. As the technology does not mark high gloss surfaces, no cleaning is required in the production process, saving time and improving production.

  • Datasheet - Gecko - SP1 (Datasheet_GeckoSP_v1.0_NL.pdf)