OnRobot Hex force-torque sensor HEX-E QC

The Hex force-torque sensor HEX-E QC by OnRobot.

The HEX-E QC has a little les capacity than The Hex force-torque sensor HEX-H QC.
The sensor gives the robot arm a ‘human’ sense of touch and are suitable for the Universal Robots.

  • Flexible sensor extends automation possibilities to processes that weren’t previously possible.
  • Out-of-the-box integration reduces deployment time for precise insertion tasks from months to days.
  • High-accuracy sensor technology provides 95% better quality in insertion and assembly tasks.
  • Sensor-based applications speed cycle time by up to 60% to produce more with the same number of employees.
  • Easy programming gets even complex polishing tasks up and running in less than a day.



OnRobot 6-axis force torque sensors provide accurate force and torque measurements along all 6 axes. This gives you precise control when it comes to difficult assembly, polishing, sanding or deburring jobs. Additionally, the HEX software includes path recording, force control and special features for insertion tasks. This means reduced integration time for your production line.

OnRobot is a supplier of various end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative robots. With advanced grippers, sensors and other applications, they make collaborative and lightweight industrial robots more flexible, user-friendly, cost-efficient and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.



Weight 0.347 kg








  • Datasheet (HEX-QC_ENG.pdf)