The LIFTKIT by Ewellix is the ideal solution to increase the range of a cobot. With this tool a vertical axis is easily added to the cobot.


  • UR+ certified vertical positioning axis with UR+ certificate
  • Ready to use complete system solution
  • Software plugin (UR Caps) to UR operating system included
  • Robust column design for industrial use


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The LiftKit is a telescopic stand that can move up and down in a vertical direction. The cobot is mounted on top, which increases the working range and thereby also the productivity. It can be used to automate larger volumes and heights during activities such as pallet stacking.

The installation of the LiftKit fits in seamlessly with the cobot’s hardware and software. The tool has a mounting interface, controller and a software plugin that ensures that programming can be started almost immediately.

The LiftKit can also be combined with a SlideKit to increase the range in both horizontal and vertical directions.


  • Extend the working range of a universal robot to increase productivity and save costs.
  • No hardware/software development required
  • Direct positioning access within the UR control environment
  • Vibration-free and virtually maintenance-free
Push load




500 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm

  • Datasheet (Liftkit_ENG.pdf)