MiR 1000

The MiR 1000 is an AVG (automated guided vehicle) that can automate the internal transport of heavy packages, products and pallets. The MiR1000 is the most powerful AVG of its kind and has a load capacity of 1000 kg. Thanks to built-in sensors and cameras, it can drive in the most dynamic environments without the need for additional safety measures.

  • Automated material handling process
  • Safe alternative to forklift trucks and pallet trucks
  • Flexible thanks to different applications
  • No changes to existing facility
  • User-friendly programming

The MiR 1000 is built in with various functions that allow the robot to travel autonomously through production or storage halls without compromising on safety. The latest laser and scanner technology ensures that the robot has a 360-degree visual around it. 3D cameras on the front have a range of 30 to 2,000 mm above the feed and two sensors at each corner that allow them to see other obstacles.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the robot moves safely around all kinds of obstacles. As soon as a person walks in front of the robot, the robot makes an automatic safety stop. Thanks to the integrated software, the robot will always choose the most effective route to its destination. As soon as obstacles occur, the robot automatically moves around them and is able to follow a different route without delaying delivery.

With the addition of a pallet lift, the MiR 1000 can automatically pick up, transport and deliver pallets. This makes the MiR an alternative to the traditional forklift trucks and pallet trucks that are now widely used by production halls and logistics companies. Forklift trucks and pallet trucks have to meet certain safety risks that often have a major impact on business operations.

The MiR is easy to operate via smartphone, tablet or computer with the MiR Robot Interface. Programming the robot is accessible to everyone and no experience is required. Depending on the application, the robot can easily be changed with pallet lifts, conveyor belts, a cobot or other applications.

Load Capacity





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  • MiR 1000 Datasheet (mir1000-datasheet.pdf)