Dual Gripper

The RG2 and the RG6 are both available in a Dual Gripper version. This means that two of the same grippers are mounted on the robot, which can act independently of each other. This allows the collaborative robots to perform more complex tasks and increases productivity.

  • Quick installation
  • Increased productivity
  • Suitable for more complex tasks
  • The same advantages as the RG2 and RG6.


The Dual Grippers have the same features and advantages as the single grippers. This means automatic gripper indications, regulated stroke and force, automatic detection of width and no additional cabling. The Dual Gripper achieves a more productive robot application without having to invest extra time in the installation. The grippers are compatible with Techman, Doosan, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Universal Robots, KUKA, Nachi and Fanuc.

OnRobot is a supplier of various end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative robots. With advanced grippers, sensors and other applications, they make collaborative and lightweight industrial robots more flexible, user-friendly, cost-efficient and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.