OnRobot Gecko Gripper

The Gecko Gripper by OnRobot is one of the most unique grippers for collaborative robots on the market. Inspired by the ability of geckos to climb by vanderwaal forces, this gripper uses millions of micro-limestone fibre stones to pick up objects. Without compressed air or external power supply it is possible to pick up all kinds of flat and smooth surfaces with this gripper.

  • Unique gripping technology
  • Built-in detection sensor
  • No external air supply
  • Suitable for flat and smooth objects



The gripper is compatible with Techman and Universal Robots. At the end of the Gecko Gripper there are four gripper cushions that attach to the objects to be picked up. The gripper cushions are removable and will have to be replaced according to the recommended maintenance schedule. An ultrasonic sensor is installed in the gripper to detect the presence of an object.

Four LED’s have been added to the front of the gripper to show information about the gripper. In total there are three connections to the gripper for power supply, communication with the robot and the optional piezoelectric cleaning system. Depending on the material, the Gripper can pick up a maximum of between 3 and 4.1 kilos.

OnRobot is a supplier of various end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative robots. With advanced grippers, sensors and other applications, they make collaborative and lightweight industrial robots more flexible, user-friendly, cost-efficient and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Weight 2.85 kg
Maximum payload

Polished Steel 6.5 kg, Acrylic 6.5 kg, Glass 5.5 kg, Sheet metal 5.5 kg


Pre-load sensor 45 [N] 9 [lb] 140 [N] 31 [lb], Ultrasonic Range sensor 260 [mm] 10 [inch]

  • Datasheet (Gecko-gripper_ENG.pdf)