Piab Kenos KCS

Piab Kenos KCS is a flexible vacuum gripper tailored for collaborative robots, with the ability to pick up different objects by a unique technique.

  •  The gripping system is equipped with integrated COAX® SX cartridges.
  • Allows the gripper to move from one application to another very quickly.
  • Providing high performance even at low or fluctuating feed pressures.
  • Suitable for handling different sized sealed or leaking objects with the same lifting device even if the total foam area is not covered, the KCS will still maintain enough vacuum level to lift the object.


Piab’s KCS series is a flexible gripper tailored for collaborative robots. The characteristic of this gripper is its ability to pick up different objects and its flexibility. The Kenos KCS works with an air driven vacuum COAX technology combined with foam that forms itself easily around any surface or shape. This allows almost any object to be picked up. The standard adapters make it possible to attach the gripper to any type of cobot on the market. The parts are easy to replace so that you can quickly switch between different tasks. This also ensures that the gripper is easy to clean and maintain.




Load Capacity

  • Datasheet (Kenos-KCS-Gripper_ENG.pdf)