Pick-It M-HD

The Pick-it M-HD is the latest application in the Pick-it 3D range. The Pick-it M-HD is the little brother of the Pick-it M and the Pick-it L. It is a high-resolution 3D camera that is perfect for finding small to medium-sized objects in drawers, on tables or in boxes.


The Pick-it M-HD camera is connected to a cobot and tells him exactly where to pick up the objects. This allows a cobot to perform a pick-and-place task completely autonomously. Thanks to the software, all you have to do is show an example of the object to be picked up and the rest is done automatically.

The product:

  • Learns what your parts look like
  • Knows where your robot is and how it moves
  • Knows where the bin / table / box is
  • Knows what your tools look like
  • Predicts and prevents collisions with obstacles and other components
  • Decides which part is best to retrieve

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