The SLIDEKIT by Ewellix

is an easy-to-integrate tool that can extend the reach of a cobot to 1.8m in a horizontal direction.


  • UR+ certified horizontal positioning axis with UR+ certificate
  • Ready to use complete system solution
  • Software plugin (UR Caps) to UR operating system included
  • High positioning accuracy and repeatability in positioning


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During the automation of, for example, CNC loading, the cobot may need a wide range to operate several CNC centres. Due to the limited range of a cobot, this is not possible. A SlideKit increases the range and productivity of a single cobot.

The installation of the SlideKit is easy and fits in with the cobot’s hardware and software. The SlideKit can also be combined with a LiftKit, which increases the range of the cobot in a horizontal and vertical direction.


  • Extension of the working range of a universal robot
  • No hardware/software development required
  • Direct positioning access within the UR control environment
  • Rapid positioning to increase productivity and reduce costs



500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2500mm, 3000mm

  • Datasheet (Slidekit_ENG.pdf)