Techman Robot TM12

The Techman Robot TM12 is the middle cobot in the Techman range. The TM12 is the big brother of the TM5-700TM5-900 and the little brother of the TM14.

  • Load capacity of 12 kg
  • Range of 1300 mm
  • Precision 0.1 mm


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The TM12 (along with the TM14) is one of the most powerful collaborative robots of the moment. With a load capacity of 12 kg, the robot is suitable for the toughest tasks in the industry. Thanks to the high strength of these cobots, they are perfect for packing heavy goods. Think of palletising large boxes or feeding goods to machines.

Thanks to the integrated vision, it is possible to scan barcodes and recognize colours. For example, a Techman cobot could sort packages under twelve kilos by both colour and barcode. Using the vision, the cobot scans the barcode or the colour and, thanks to the smart software, knows exactly where to sort the package.

  • TM12-1300X is the TM12-1300 without camera
  • TM12-1300M is powered by 24/48 Volt, for mobile applications
Weight 33.3 kg
Product range

TM12-1300, TM12-1300X, TM12-1300M


12 kg


1300 mm


0.1 mm

  • TM12_ENG (TM12_ENG.pdf)
  • TM Robot Catalog 2021 (TM-Robot-Catalog-2021-3.pdf)