Techman Robot TM14

The Techman Robot TM14 is the strongest cobot in the Techman range. The TM14 is the big brother of TM5-700, TM5-900 and the TM12. The TM14 is the perfect choice for tough jobs. Of course, this cobot also has an integrated vision system in both the hardware and the software.

  • Load capacity of 14 kg
  • Range of 1100 m
  • Precision 0.1 mm



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The cobot comes with smart software that makes it extremely easy to program the robot. A simple pick-and-place task can be programmed in just a few moments. In addition to software, the robots are delivered with a touchscreen tablet on which a complete robot function can be visually programmed. It is also possible to operate the robot by hand, after which the actions are stored in the software.

  • TM14-1100X is the TM14-1100 without camera
  • TM14-1100M is powered by 24/48 Volt, for mobile applications
Weight 32.6 kg

14 kg


1100 mm

Product range

TM14-1100, TM14-1100X, TM14-1100M


0.01 mm

  • Specifications (TM14_ENG.pdf)
  • TM Robot Catalog 2021 (TM-Robot-Catalog-2021.pdf)