Techman Robot TM5-900

The TM5-900, like the TM5-700, is one of the first robots to be introduced to the market by Techman Robot. With slightly less load-bearing capacity than its predecessor, but with slightly more range, this robot is perfect for moving smaller objects over a longer distance. This robot is perfect for the most sophisticated operations.

  • A load capacity of 4 kg
  • A range of 900 mm
  • Repeatability 0.1 mm



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The use of safety screens is not necessary due to the sensitivity of the robot. The robot is designed to work with employees in a shared workspace but is also able to perform tasks autonomously. The robot’s view ensures that goods do not have to be delivered in a standardized manner.

  • TM5-900X is the TM5-900 without camera
  • TM5-900M is powered by 24/48 Volt, for mobile applications
Weight 22.2 kg
Product range

TM5-900, TM5-900X (without camera), TM5-900M (24/48 Volt)


4 kg


900 mm


0.05 mm

  • Datasheet (TM5900_ENG.pdf)
  • TM Robot Catalog 2021 (TM-Robot-Catalog-2021-1.pdf)