UR3e Universal Robots

With built-in force/torque sensor, improved precision, much better interface and more, the e-Series Universal Robots UR3e is a worthy upgrade from the original UR3.

  • A compact 11 kg robot with a load capacity of up to 3 kg.
  • With a range of 500 mm
  • A precision of 0.1 mm
  • 360 degree freedom of rotation of all wrist joints



The Universal Robots UR3e is the smallest of the UR e-Series robots. The e-Series have multiple improvements compared to the CB3 series (UR3/UR5/UR10).

The main improvements are:

  • Built-in 6-axis force/torque sensor (to improve force/torque applications)
  • Repeatability improved from ± 0.1 mm to ± 0.03 mm on UR3e/UR5e and ± 0.05 mm on UR10e
  • Completely redesigned teach pendant with higher resolution screen and improved user interface
  • Added safety features
  • Improved tool connector supports new end-effectors
  • Much thinner and more manageable teach pendant cable
  • Redesigned and lighter controller
  • Improved mechanical features on robot arm (mainly base, couplings and joints)
  • Addition of four separate high speed quadrature digital inputs
Weight 11.2 kg

3 kg


500 mm


0.03 mm

  • Datasheet (UR3e_ENG.pdf)