RoboDK: a powerful and cost-effective simulator for robot programming

RoboDK, a powerful and cost-effective simulator for robot programming and also a spin-off from the CoRo laboratory, where it was tested on all major robot brands. Since its launch in 2015, the program has been downloaded more than 30,000 times and we at WiredWorkers explain why in this article.


The software package of RoboDK (version 5.0) consists of an extensive library with more than 500 robot arms and is suitable for everyone. You do not need any programming knowledge and your robot is programmed within a few clicks.

RoboDK uses offline programming, this means that it is possible to program the robots outside the production environment. Offline programming eliminates the production downtime caused by programming on the shop floor.

The offline programming and simulation software can be used for many production projects, including milling, welding, pick-and-place, packaging and labelling, palletizing, painting, robot calibration and more.

RoboDK version 5.0

RoboDK launched the latest update, version 5.0, last month. In this version they introduce both improved and new features. For example, it is possible for the user to create a complete palletizing process within 5 minutes with the Palletizing Plugin.

With the software package of RoboDK you can simulate and program your robot within 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Select your robot
When you open RoboDK you get instant access to an extensive library of robots. The RoboDK library includes more than 500 industrial robot arms from 40 different robot manufacturers.

Step 2: Define your tool
Load a 3D model of your tool and convert it to a robot tool by dragging it to the robot.

Step 3: Load your 3D model
The 3D model can be either of the robot’s environment or of the robot’s workpiece.

Ste 4: Simulate your toolpath
Step 4 creates a robot path using RoboDK’s intuitive user interface.

Step 5: Generate robot programs
You can send the created robot programs from your computer with a cable to the robot as well as save them on a USB stick.

With the RoboDK simulation software you will get the most out of your cobot. Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about the RoboDK software package? Feel free to contact us.

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