Robots take on COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus brings many changes, healthcare professionals around the world are currently using innovation ideas and technology, including cobots to contain this pandemic.

Cobots have been on the market for a long time and the various possibilities from which you can benefit are already known to many, but imagine what cobots can do in a fight like this against the corona virus. Robotic arms can come into contact with COVID-19 infected persons without danger, take saliva samples, measure tempratures and listen to a heartbeat.

In Wuhan, where the outbreak of the corona virus started, robots have been deployed to disinfect the streets over the past month. Not only in Asia are cobots used to fight the coronavirus, Spain has also announced that they plan to use robots to test 80000 people a day.

Companies are facing many changes as a result of the virus. Cessation of production is a horror scenario, but because of this virus it can become reality. The COVID-19 virus is a scenario for which no company has been able to prepare itself.

In addition to the above mentioned consequences, it may take time for entrepreneurs and managers to think about possible follow-up steps after the corona crisis that you can take to protect yourself, your employees and your company from emergencies. To help companies during and after this time, we offer a free consultation in which we are happy to give you tips or guidance in the field of automation.

The above mentioned situation does not apply to every company, some companies may need extra help right now. Also in this situation WiredWorkers can do something for you, our cobots are quickly deployable and immediately available. In addition to our current working days, we are also at your disposal during weekends and evenings.

Can we help you with something? You can contact WiredWorkers by mail or phone.

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