Learn the difference between cobots and robots

Learn how to program a cobot

Learn more about the state of the art cobots

Find out what cobots can do for you

89% of production managers & business leaders see added value from their visit during and after the seminar. 

Due to the current corona measures, we are currently unable to organize seminars. We hope to be able to pick this up again as soon as possible. If you still need a consultation, we request you to contact us via the button below.

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Why are we doing the seminar?

In order to answer all your questions, we have been working for several years to find these answers. We follow the developments of cobots closely and continue to develop ourselves. Wiredworkers consists of a multidisciplinary team, with a shared vision and diverse qualities.
Our team is at your service. We automate together, we are your partner

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Program & location

14:15 PM - 14:30 PM Reception with coffee

14:30 PM - 16:00 PM Presentation with live demo of several cobots

16:00 PM - 16:30 PM Network drink

Seminar conditions

Visit the cobot seminar, in which we provide you with all the necessary information about collaborative robots. 60% of the production managers and company managers say they see added value during and after the visit of the seminar. Whether you leave after the seminar with new knowledge or are one step closer to starting automating. The choice is yours and a visit to the seminar is completely free and without obligation.