WiredWorkers' Franka Emika Panda on display in Robohouse.

WiredWorkers’ Franka Emika Panda on display in Robohouse.

Recently our Franka Emika Panda can be admired in Robohouse, a RoboValley practice laboratory, on the campus of Delft University of Technology. In this lab, production companies and innovative organisations can get to know different types of robots. Companies can discover the possibilities of the Panda, develop their own applications and test the cobot in an industrial environment.

Robohouse is the ideal place for production companies that are aware of new technologies and would like to gain experience with them. Here is the opportunity to learn and understand robotics systems in a practical way, to work on your own application or to train employees to work with robots.

This lab is an initiative of RoboValley, FestoABBInnovationQuarterTNOThe Hague University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology.

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