WiredWorkers works with iPro-N

iPro-N is an interregional project that focuses on the manufacturing industry in the northern regions of Germany and the Netherlands. Here they try to increase the competitiveness in the region and to stimulate cross-border cooperation. WiredWorkers has successfully participated in this project.

iPro-N stimulates the development of intelligent products and production processes, and offers a first step towards cooperation in the Dutch-German border region. The many small and medium-sized enterprises in the border area are largely responsible for the prosperity in the region. Continuously innovating and improving and offering new products on the market, strengthens their competitive position and thus offers continuity for the company.

During this project, WiredWorkers works together with the German partner Franka Emika. They are the manufacturer of the Panda robot and develop the software. WiredWorkers develops the software so that it can actually be used in companies. Thanks to the project with iPro-N, we have been able to strengthen our cooperation and accelerate this process.

Watch the iPro-N video about the collaboration project.

iPro-N Business Case: WiredWorkers

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