Franka Emika Panda included research apps

The Franka Emika panda cobot included research apps.



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The Franka Emika Research Robot can be programmed by C++ and ROS.

In addition, the C++ library can be used to set important parameters such as control mode, joint stiffness or additional loads. In addition, you can control the hand.

The ROS support makes it possible to interface the arm via your own ROS nodes and the use the entire ROS ecosystem. It also comes with a URDF model of the arm that allows visualization and kinematic simulations.

The research app offers a lower level of robot control with apps that enable specific actions (e.g. open gripper) that can be finely customised, although they feature the same degree of usability as all other packages.

This App Package includes the following apps and groups:

  • Cartesian Compliance (group)
  • Joint Compliance (group)
  • Thresholds (group)
  • Relative Motion
  • Move to Contact
  • Apply Force
  • Line
  • Lissajous
  • Spiral
  • Gripper Move
  • Gripper Grasp
  • Transport

These supporting apps and groups are also included:

  • Repeat (group)
  • Modbus Out
  • Modbus Pulse
  • Modbus Wait
  • Wait
  • User
  • Datasheet (Panda_Research_ENG.pdf)