OnRobot RG2-Gripper

The RG2 Gripper by OnRobot is a flexible gripper that can be used for different brands of collaborative robots.

  • No external cables required
  • Adjustable force and stroke
  • Automatic detection of the width
  • Customizable fingertips
  • Gripping indication



The RG2 Gripper has a maximum stroke of 110 mm, allowing a variety of objects to be picked up. The power with which the gripper handles objects (3N to 40N) is adjustable with the software that is integrated in the cobots. The maximum load capacity of this gripper is 2kg.

OnRobot is a supplier of various end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative robots. With advanced grippers, sensors and other applications, they make collaborative and lightweight industrial robots more flexible, user-friendly, cost-efficient and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.


Max Gripping Force

Min Gripping Force


Load Capacity

  • Datasheet (RG2-gripper_ENG.pdf)