OnRobot RG6 Gripper

The RG6 Gripper by OnRobot is a sensitive gripper designed for seamless integration with Universal Robots‘ collaborative robots. With a force of 25N to 120N and a stroke of 160 mm, this gripper is suitable for grabbing a variety of different objects, ranging up to a weight of 8 kg. This makes the gripper perfect for industrial tasks and moving heavy objects.

  • No external cables required
  • Adjustable force and stroke
  • Automatic detection of the width
  • Customizable fingertips
  • Gripping indication



In addition to the Universal Robots, the gripper is also compatible with the cobots from Techman.

Installing the grippers is quick and easy without the use of external cables. The power and movement of the gripper can be directly controlled via the software belonging to the cobot. This way the cobot and the gripper are connected to each other. With the RG6 it is possible to measure width and force and it is shown whether an object is grabbed or not. All these data are sent to the software, after which the cobot can act on these data.

OnRobot is a supplier of various end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative robots. With advanced grippers, sensors and other applications, they make collaborative and lightweight industrial robots more flexible, user-friendly, cost-efficient and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Max Gripping Force

Min Gripping Force

Load Capacity


  • Datasheet (RG6-collaborative-gripper_ENG.pdf)