Pick-t L

The Pick-it L in combination with a cobot is suitable for picking up large objects from pallets or containers. The Pick-it L is the big brother of the Pick-it M. It is a flexible 3D camera with which a smart and automated loading or unloading task can be set up within 1 day.



The camera of the Pick-it L is connected to a cobot and tells him exactly where to pick up the objects. This allows a cobot to perform a pick-and-place task completely autonomously. Thanks to the software, you only have to show a preview of the object to be picked up and the rest is done automatically.

The product:

  • Learns what your parts look like
  • Knows where your robot is and how it moves
  • Knows where the bin/table/box is
  • Knows what your tools look like
  • Predicts and prevents collisions with obstacles and other components
  • Decides which part is best to pick up

3D Technology

  • Datasheet (Pick-it-camera_ENG-1.pdf)